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Frequently Asked Questions

Pleasure coaching is coaching to help you step into your authentic, natural pleasureful state of being. 

Any person who feel a longing for more ease and pleasure in their life. A person who is ready to do anything to cure the root cause of their situation and are not looking for a symptom treatment.

Normally coaching empowers the client to solve their own questions but in my coaching I find it beneficial to sometimes give the answers (in the form of exercises) since not many people have gotten very much sex education. So my coaching is a blend of normal coaching and therapy.

There are many roads to become a pleasure coach. My own personal road has been taking 2 online courses in sexuality, working my whole life on myself, having experienced both feeling extremely filled up with pleasure and the complete opposite: feeling nothing at all being deeply buried in stress and depression.

Pleasure has been my interest my whole life so I’ve done tons of homestudy on the subject.

Yes, I do also work with men.

A pleasure coaching session can vary a lot but it will usually look like this:

First we do a small meditation together to release any stress built up during the day and raise the vibration between us.

Then we will talk about what your goals are and where you wish to be when the coaching is over. If you don’t know that yet we will take small steps and usually your goals get clearer the more you work on yourself.

After that we will talk about your current pleasure story – how do you get and feel pleasure in bed, work and freetime. What are your tools right now. And if something needs talked about we will talk about it here.

According to what we talked about I will give you some homework to do to help increase your pleasure and take out any unhealthy patterns in your life.

In the end of a session we wrap up what we talked about and sometimes you will have an e-mail sent to you with more details on your homework if needed.

Find a video in 1:1 Coaching about what a pleasure coaching session looks like.


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