The one tool that is essential for your well being and you feeling at ease in an overwhelming society is Meditation.

Learn how to meditate in a blissfull way and start to look forward for your meditation sessions instead of fealing it’s a duty.

Meditation is not meant to be hard or something you have to force yourself into.

If it is – you are doing it wrong.

Practical details

You can now book a meditation course. It consists of:

One 45 minutes session where we go through how to meditate and we will meditate together.

After that you’ll have 2 weeks to go home and try out your new technique. Then we’ll meet again, through skype or zoom, to follow up on how your practice is going. This session will be a half hour.

You’ll now have a whole month to proof that you are serious about your meditation practice before we meet again.

Then we meet again – do a meditation together – and now you are ready to keep up the practice on your own.




Value of the course:

45 minutes introduction: 750 kr

Document to look up into: 500 kr

2 follow-up sessions consisting of 30 min. each: 500 kr x 2 = 1000 kr

In total = 2250 kr

But your price is: 1500 kr a discount on 33,33 %!