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7 reasons to why men do not experience multiple orgasms

Which is btw totally achievable:
  1. They were told that they couldn’t get it, so they would not look for information on how to do it. And certainly not experiment on trying to do it themselves
  2. They’ve learned that masturbation needs to have the outcome of ejaculation. The ejaculation naturally stops the possibility of having multiple orgasms.
  3. They were never taught how to recirculate the sexual energy in the body to remove the concentrated sexual energy at the genitals, so it stays there and result in a local genital orgasm.
  4. Some men have psychological challenges with not daring showing up in his masculine. Which is a LOT of men these days since we have to be equal everywhere men and women. But in bed other rules are working and he needs to stand strong in his masculine both in and out of bed.
  5. Premature ejaculation/no control over when he ejaculates which has many underlying problems to it depending on the man – could be nr. 4.
  6. They tend to clench up their body and breath extremely shallow when they are reaching climax this will block the energy channels in the body and make it impossible for the energy to be circulated away from the genitals.
  7. They have learned to focus on something else both during masturbation AND when the excitement gets too high to avoid coming too early. This takes the focus AWAY from the body and away from the sensations in it and make it harder to control what is going on.