I don’t do coffee or alcohol – I do selfcare!

Inner bliss is THE best kind bliss to experience.

You canøt even compare that pleasure you can feel within with what you can excperience from external stimuli such as alcohol or coffee.

Even sleep can be more pleasureful than coffee.

Did you know that the natural state is being in awe of everything and thus have internal pleasure?

This will make you your best self in every situation: you’ll…

  • …be patient in traffic
  • …keep your head cool in discussions
  • …treat other people with your outmost respect and see the beauty and possibility in everyone
  • …no longer need somebode else to satisfy you in bed or life in overall. You can satisfy yourself.

But that’s not how life looks for many people. Most people need their coffee to get the day going.

And when at a party they need to drinsk alcohol to loosen up and to have fun.

Everyday goes by where you constantly think about the next snack to eat to fill that void of not feeling pleasure or enough pleasure in your body.

I’ve been there and uf that’s not fun. To be relying on outside stimuli to feel good or just to get through the day. I would go for something sweet, coffee or chocolate to get a quickfix of energy and to feel better for a while, while eating it.

One problem with this way is that your senses get overstimulated with outside stimuli which reaults in stress → which results in bad immune system, more cravings, illness and anxiety.

The other problem is that the quicfixes actually make you need more quickfixes because it will take from your body’s energy reserves to give you some energy that you didn’t have in the first place.

You’ll therefor feel a short good feeling but afterwards you’ll feel even worse because what you put into your body was not good to you and is actually depleting you instead of making you stronger and more vital.

SO it’s essential to learn how to create more internal pleasure in your body, so that you too can experence internal bliss.