Christmas stress is something you choose to have😉

You always have the choice:

Do you want to do things at your own pace and deselect things/shorten things that potentially stress you out?

Or do you have to reach everything that is on the list of what you have to do for Christmas?

In fact, the common person does too many activities that they really do not want, but think they should, because it is family or friends, work etc…

You always have a choice. Novody said that you have to be stressed out just because it is christmas.

Let’s take an example:

You always stress about having guests. What is it that stresses you? Is it the cleaning? Your overly high expectations of what you can offer your guests? Bad planning? Lack of basic energy due to mental/physical circumstances?

All things can be adjusted so that there is no stress. Maybe you are even on such low energy that having guests is too much.

Of course, it is not natural to have so little energy. Unfortunately, there are many who experience it during periods and especially here in the dark times, when many people struggle with depression.

YOU create your reality, so if you are not ok with Christmas stress and other stresses for that matter, then stop being stressed – you have the control over your life and only you can steer in a more appropriate direction ❤️😃.