Julie i hopla

My Story

Many people would have given up… many would have thrown in the towel… many would have thought that it would be too much for it to make sense… many would have thought: “OK, I’ll just have to live with this as it is”…
BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANTED! I did not want to tolerate feeling this bad every day, not tolerate that every second was unbearable, because I never felt peaceful. I never fully slept and my head would be in 7th gear constantly with anxiety, racing thoughts and discomfort.

For every day that went by I felt worse… No pills helped me, no quick nifty solution could shut of the discomfort I felt. Alcohol would make me feel worse and not just the day after but while I drank it. My body was in crisis mode and could therefor not take any more discomfort.

No doctors were able to help me.

The only thing that woud make me calm was being together with a boyfriend or recieve/write messages from/to him. To be close to him or read a message could stop the discomfort for a while. It’s easy to see how this only caused more problems since he was not available all the time and he needed a girlfriend who could be on her own.

This resulted in many inexpedient relationships that made my condition worse since I would also allow him to run over my feelings.

But then I was introduced to tantric, taoistic sexual work which sees the human as a whole where spirit, sex, mind and body are interconnected. And if one area is stuch then another is also stuck.

I learned to understand that my body was trying to protect me and that it is not out there to get me. So I started making room for my body to do whatever it needed to do and through the sexual work, things were automatically released from my body.

As more things got healed I could feel myself more and more, and suddenly I found that I did not wanted to work as an engineer anymore, since what I really care about and always talk about is sex, healing and how the body and mind works together. So I decided to start doing what I felt called to do, which is teaching other people how to release all stress in the body and instead feeling pleasure and contendment.

My Passion

My passion is to help other people heal as fast as possible so that they can feel pleasure instead of pain, stress and uncomfortability. I love seeing people grow and shed of their limiting beliefs so that they can be authentic in every part of their life.

Authentic people are the funniest people to be around –  have you ever been around those people? You never know what to expect because simply there are no other person who are the same way as him/her – and that is amazing to experience.

I’m also passionated about how our body and mind work together and how we can heal from the inside instead of using medical chemistry.

I’ve always been passionated about how we heal – when I was a child I wished that I could do magic so that I could heal my grandfather from cancer. And now I’ve stumbled upon more and more healing modalities that actually help us heal the source and therefor heal the cause of the desease instead of dealing with the symptoms.

Though my biggest passion is the science behind how we get to feel pleasure in all our life situations. Because I’ve noticed if my pleasure level is high throughout the day, I am not interested in external pleasure sources such as coffee, obsessive social media checking or cake for that instanse.

My Goals

To make the world a better place by helping people finding pleasure within instead of being reliable on external ressources to feel good which can cause stress and illness due to overstimulation.

When they can satisfy themselves they will be stronger, independent of other people’s opinions and will show up as they are and not as they have been conditioned to during their opbringing.

This will result in people being more loving towards other people because their glass is full of love and not in deficiency. Deficiency of love will create many problems since you are always in a search for love and if you don’t get it – you might do bad things to get it.


This is a little bit of my world:

Nature is key to heal