1:1 Coaching

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Check out the video to understand what a coaching session looks like:

Want my professionel help to achieve your goals? 

In a 1:1 coaching session we will have a chat about you and the PROBLEMS that you are facing or the GOALS you want to acchieve. 


We will talk about what you want in your life and you will get clear on how to get it.


Every problem can be discussed. Sexual issues/topics are being discussed and talked about in a normal way just like all other things. 


I’m not going to judge you and you can ask me anything. If I can’t give you the answer at first I will get back to you.


I will use all my experience from the sex knowledge I have, stress management, to energy management and selfhealing to help you feel the peace, love, confidence and appriciation you’ve always longed for.


Coaching language is either Danish or English.


For highly sensitive people:


I’m highly sensitive and feel things deeper than most people – if you are too I will be able to help you navigate out of overstimulation, inferiority and burn out.



What does other people say about my coaching? Check below 👇


"During the past 3-5 years I've felt my sexuality have been on and off. I didn't selfpleasure much and when I did it was only to feel the release.
I chose to work with you because I could feel your energy in all your posts and from our coffee meeting.

I like the provocative playing approach you have to sex and sexuality. It made me want to get back to my own sexuality.

I felt a giant boost when talking to you and also from reading many of your posts. I LOVE that I can feel you in everything you do, write and say.
You are straightforward, honest and at the same time you are able to recieve feedback which makes me safe.

To have been coached by you has definitely made a difference for my sexuality today. THANK you for being you, Julie ❤️.

If I feel that a friend or another human being who needs help to re-find or to further develop their relationship with their sexuality I would clearly recommend you."

Pernille Frigg

"The purpose of starting a course with Julie was for me to become clearer about the types of orgasms that I as a woman can achieve and

also to have some tools to work towards these orgasms myself.

I feel I have gained knowledge and some techniques that I can use to increase my sex quality.

Julie is good at listening and meeting someone where you are. She puts the sex life into perspective for other parts of your life, and therefore takes a

holistic approach to you as a human being.

I can highly recommend having a chat with Julie if you want to understand and improve the way you experience sex."

Henriette, 28 years old

"I have been coached by Julie twice and experienced a very present and intense conversation with advice to work on myself. I can warmly recommend Julie if you are ready to hear the clear message she talks straight forward."

Ron Tan

"To speak with Julie always causes you to start perspectivate on how to live your life.

Julie has a great understanding on how the mind works and that has helped me understand my own patterns and to decide what and how to change them."