Swap a racing mind and an uneasy body out for a peaceful mind and full-body ecstatic orgasms


Pleasure Coach

Julie Højen

Hi, I’m Julie, a Holistic Pleasure Coach. So what is that about?

I help people find pleasure in every life situation by helping them eliminating all stressers and false beliefs in their life – those are the ones that blocks the sexual energy thus orgasms.

Blockages in the sexual energy causes mood swings, depression and in worst case physical ilnesses. That’s why it’s essential to come back to your natural full flowing multi-orgasmic state. Read below for more info on my services.

Check out my own story from the stress-low pleasure-life to the peaceful-high pleasure-life:


How may I help you?

Do you experience trouble reaching orgasm or do you want to be able to have every orgasm available on the planet? Energy-, full-budy, ecstatic orgasms that keeps you high for days?

Trouble with too high stress levels and a racing mind?

Or do you have trouble managing your sensitive mind and too often get overwhelmed by life and everything around you?


(More and better) Orgasms!

Every man and woman can have and ought to have full-body orgasms. We are just never taught this in school. Not having those orgasms affect our mood and our overall health. Plus why not live an orgasmic life when it's possible? 😄
I'll show you how.


Would you like to say goodbye to a racing mind and introduce a peaceful mind instead? And at the same time start to be more grateful for everything? Meditation will bring you there and is also the first step to start seeing your body as a friend and not an enemy.


Highly sensitive coaching

Are you categorised as highly sensitive?

So am I and I have 30 years of experience.
Highly sensitivity comes with a lot of gifts IF used correctly. IF not you'll suffer more than the average. I help you take advantage of your gifts you are naturally born with.


Work With Me

There are many offers out there and how can you know that you should choose to work with me?

In the video to the right I will help you with your decision. It will be clear for your if I will be a good fit.

Check out the video to learn how to determine that and read more about me by following the button underneath: